My Key Advantages

  • Reader-centered approach: I prioritize my readers above all else. I don’t write for the sole purpose of SEO or to boast about my skills. I am genuinely grateful to every reader who invests their most precious asset—time—in reading my thoughts. It is a tremendous responsibility, and I am committed to never disappoint them.
  • Experience and passion: Throughout my career, I have covered a diverse range of topics, from building websites using tables (back when it was the prevailing method), to creating responsive websites, web apps, and monetizing WordPress websites. Currently, I am focused on writing about Svelte, cloud computing, Web 3.0 technologies, and much more. Over the years, I have witnessed firsthand how technology evolves. My passion for technology drives me, and sharing my knowledge is a genuine pleasure. 
  • Flexibility and communication: I have had the privilege of working with customers from all around the globe, spanning from Sweden to Australia, and Denmark to the United States. While blog posts are my preferred cup of tea, I have also successfully written ebooks, whitepapers, and newsletters. Customer satisfaction has always been paramount to me, and I take pride in consistently delivering work that leaves my clients happy.