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At the moment, I am specializing in writing about WordPress and Internet marketing. I like to write blog posts the most, but I am open to any kind of projects – e-books, guest posts, white papers, brochures, or any other content you need.

Below is some of my latest work. Check them to get an idea of my skills. I also strongly recommend visiting my blog where I share my personal thoughts and the tactics I use to write awesome and actionable content. If you want to know my personal story, check the About Me section and you can get in touch with me by using the Contact Me form!


Everything you need to know about WordPress Multisite

“Even though I have been involved in WordPress community for some years, every week I find out something new related to WordPress. Sometimes I am disappointed by myself, but consulting some WordPress forums I discovered that I am not the only one in this situation.”

The full post is published on WP All Club


9 Free and Powerful WordPress Page Builders

“On 27th May, we celebrated 14 years since WordPress was released. Nowadays, no one can imagine the Internet without WordPress. Ease of use was the primary factor that led to its success.”

The full post is published on Newt Labs


How to improve the loading speed of your WordPress website

impove-wp-site-speed“I started writing this post having in mind that you already may find on Internet tons of blog posts about how to improve the loading speed of a WordPress website. Some of them are truly useful and full of efficient tips while others are created only for the sake of writing”.

The full post is published on 8 Degree Themes


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  • Content Marketing 75%
  • Photoshop Tutorials 75%