Am I a content writer, a blogger, an SEO expert, or an Internet marketer? It’s a question that has stayed on my mind for a long time and I still don’t have a clear answer. I tried to create a classification of Internet marketing, which I posted here. I thought that it would help me define myself and to some extent, it did help. I hope that it will help other people that have the same struggle. My understanding is that there is a fine barrier between content producers, bloggers, SEO experts, and Internet marketers.

A pillar of my understanding is that there are a very few complete Internet marketers. The huge majority of them are jacks-of-all-trades and masters of none. It’s fantastically difficult to have a solid grasp on each type of Internet marketing, although I don’t think that it’s impossible. In fact, I have solid arguments to prove that there are some complete Internet marketers. One of the best methods of learning is to study the behavior and the traits of the best experts in your niche. This idea applied to the word of Internet marketing implies reading the thoughts and studying the actions of the best marketers. Luckily for us, many share their opinions and achievements. Some have managed personal blogs where they share their insights, while others have written on other peoples’ blogs and third-party marketers have showcased a winning strategy applied by others.

In this post, I will present you my list of the best personal blogs by marketers. I consider it extremely beneficial to read the thoughts of successful marketers. The main advantages are:

A Personal Blog Implies Better Engagement

Every Internet marketer talks about engagement and a personal blog is the ideal place to start improving engagement rate. The blog of a startup or a company may be full of valuable content but it’s 100% sure that it is a hook to attract you to buy their services or products. Somehow, they mimic the lack of commercial interest and readers pretend they aren’t aware of this fact. It’s a win-win situation, but it implies a dose of double-dealing!

A personal blog isn’t focused on key metrics or conversions. It’s where a marketer shares his/her ideas, beliefs, fears, joys, or feelings. Here the readers find out that the owner of the blog is a human being and not a robot created to write sale letters and entice people to buy. In these circumstances, the average reader is tempted to better engage with the blog’s manager; it’s a human-to-human relationship. Of course, the marketer won’t refuse to engage with the readers and this interaction brings advantages to both sides.

Personal Blogs Are a Great Source of Motivation

Internet marketing blogs showcase winning strategies. These strategies are useful because anyone can apply them to own workflow, but at the same time, they can demotivate some marketers. Seeing others successes while you are going from failure to a failure is horrible. Luckily, many bloggers share also their failures, showing once again that the biggest experts aren’t just lucky people; they just work hard all day long. We use to see only the successes, which is only the tip of the iceberg.

The failures, the frustrations, and the issues aren’t noticed by many, but these represent the basis of the iceberg. If you follow the blogs of your favorite marketers, you will see that they have similar struggles and problems as you. Learning how the experts overcome the most difficult problems is extremely useful and gives a motivational boost.

Find Out the Opinion of the Experts

It is an obvious advantage of reading personal blogs by marketers. By checking their blogs, you find the latest news in the industry, their opinions about various IM problems, predictions about the future, and how they deal with various issues. Below is a list of the best personal blogs by marketers that I am subscribed to in alphabetical order; I read almost all of their blog posts. I strongly recommend checking them out because the blog posts are full of actionable and useful tips. Some articles have been great sources of motivation for me and I am sure that these will give you a strong boost to achieve better results.

Disclaimer: I constantly update my list of personal blogs by marketers. I am sure that I have missed other amazing personal blogs; feel free to add your favorite blogs in the comments below or via social media and I will update the post. Once again, I emphasize these blogs aren’t objectively the best, these are only my favorites. I don’t want to create a hit parade of the blogs, it’s just a matter of personal taste.



Founder: Brian Dean

Topics: SEO, link building, case studies

Sometimes, the numbers offer a detailed perspective on the quality of a blog. At the moment of writing this article, the latest article published on Backlinko has 900 Twitter and 550 Facebook shares. On top of that, there were 330 comments. The penultimate has 720 comments and 4356 Twitter and 3210 Facebook shares.

It proves that Backlinko is no more just a blog, it’s an engaged community and you should be part of it. I constantly visit Backlinko because I very much like the case studies. These are examples of working strategies backed by concrete numbers. “How to Get 260.7% More Organic Traffic In 14 Days (New Strategy + Case Study),” “SEO Strategy Case Study (#1 Ranking & 963% More Traffic)” are captivating titles, don’t you think?

Belle Beth Cooper


Founder: Belle Beth Cooper

Topics: personal development, writing, freelancing

Belle Beth Cooper is an entrepreneur based in Melbourne, Australia. Unlike Backlinko, Belle Beth Cooper reveals her passions, desires, monthly achievements, and failings. Its style is very informal and reading the blog posts is truly inspiring and relaxing.

I wish her good luck in achieving all her monthly goals. I tried her strategy of setting up monthly goals and it worked fine for me. She certainly knows and teaches you how to work harder.

Brittany Berger


Founder: Brittany Berger

Topics: email marketing, workflow automation, personal development

Brittany is Mention’s head of content and I was captivated by her posts. By mistake (sorry Brittany), I discovered her personal blog and became addicted to it. I believe that Brittany does a great job by combining good information with a strong sense of humor. The posts look like pieces of advice from a good friend.

Occam’s Razor


Founder: Avinash Kaushik

Topics: analytics, Google Analytics

Avinash Kaushik’s blog is a good reference for analytics and how to interpret various metrics. The design of the blog isn’t too welcoming and it seems outdated, but the information shared is golden.

The articles are complex and backed by raw data and screenshots. You have a lot to learn from reading his blog posts. For instance, you will get a solid grasp on interpreting data served by Google Analytics or Google Search Console.

Naven Pillai


Founder: Naven Pillai

Topics: SEO, content marketing, email marketing

Naven Pillai’s blog is an interesting mixture of good Internet marketing tips, resources to sharpen digital skills, personal thoughts, and successful strategies. His style is warming and reading the articles is a real pleasure. I appreciate the tools and the resources he has suggested. I think that his blog is a good start for everyone wanting to learn Internet marketing from scratch.

Neil Patel


Founder: Neil Patel Topics: everything about Internet marketing

Neil Patel is a name that doesn’t need any introduction. He is a famous marketer and his personal blog is a heavy visited website. Neil writes in-depth articles and all of them are complete and well-written.

One of Neil particular features is the ability to explain the secrets of successful marketers to less experienced ones. Another one of Neil’s qualities is the fact that he used to reply to almost all of the comments.

Matthew Woodward


Founder: Matthew Woodward

Topics: affiliate marketing, SEO

Matthew Woodward is another well-known marketer and his blog is a huge source of information and inspiration for many marketers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. I learned a lot from his blog posts and I am indebted to him. His monthly publishing strategy is simple but effective. He publishes a post presenting various metrics of his blog (traffic, traffic channels, email subscribers) and the income/expenses of the month.

Another monthly post showcases the income report of other bloggers. It’s definitely interesting to find out how other marketers manage to monetize their blogs.

Rand from Moz


Founder: Rand Fishkin

Topics: personal insights, Internet Marketing

Rand Fishkin is the founder of Moz, a company that creates software for marketers. He is the author of an amazing series of video blog posts called Whiteboard Friday. In addition to these posts, Rand also shares his thoughts about his life, his CEO tenure, and his personal story. You will be amazed by his transparency and openness.

Smart Passive Income


Founder: Pat Flynn

Topics: blogging, affiliate marketing, making money online

Smart Passive Income is considered by some as a huge resource for learning how to blog and how to make money online. At its roots, Smart Passive Income is the story of an architect that lost his job and started to develop an online business. Nowadays, this blog is a well-known resource for most bloggers.

Pat Flynn is an iconic blogger, marketer, speaker, podcaster, and entrepreneur. Everyone can learn plenty from Pat and his success story.

Sujan Patel


Founder: Sujan Patel

Topics: content marketing, online businesses

I don’t have any idea if Sujan Patel and Neil Patel are relatives or if their identical surname is just a coincidence. Anyway, Sujan’s blog offers the same value as Neil’s. Sujan is focused on content marketing and his useful thoughts fully deserve your attention.

Tomas Lau


Founder: Tomas Laurinavicius

Topics: personal development, lifestyle, online businesses

Tomas Laurinavicius created a great work by sharing with us his experiences as a nomad entrepreneur. He was born in Lithuania and currently travels across the globe (at the moment, he is in Thailand). By reading his blog posts, you will learn little to no Internet marketing strategies, but you will understand how a successful entrepreneur thinks.

I am always very curious about how my peers manage their income and expenses, and Thomas impressed me by publishing a post presenting his budget and how he spent money in September. It’s the first post in this series, and I am currently awaiting the next ones.

Viper Chill


Founder: Glen Allsopp

Topics: SEO, link building

Glen Allsopp has a great life story; he’s a young, iconic entrepreneur who should inspire everyone. Spend five minutes reading the “About Me” page on his blog. I also recommend on reading all his blog posts, but I warn you that all his blog posts are very long (it may take you 30 minutes to read one article). Altogether, these are well-explained, full of actionable and efficient tips, and coherently presented so you will enjoy reading them. I bet that by reading the majority of his post, you will become a better link builder.



Founder: Ryan Stewart

Topics: SEO, growth hacking

Ryan Stewart is a very charismatic Internet marketer, and his style is truly unique. You should check out his blog posts if you want to see an original approach in the field of SEO and marketing.

I check his blogs to find out the latest news because he is always up-to-date on everything concerning Internet marketing. I also check his YouTube channel where he explains many “unconventional” growing methods.

This is my list of the best personal blogs by marketers. I am sure that you have plenty to learn from reading these blogs. As I said, this is a subjective selection. The Internet is full of other personal blogs by awesome marketers that I haven’t discovered yet. Don’t be shy, please share your favorites with me!