Hi there! My name is Daniel Pintilie and I am ready to create amazing content for your business. I have written tons of guest posts for many important companies (check the testimonials section for more information) and I have contributed to many web design blogs as a regular writer.

In mid-2014, I decided to take a sabbatical year. It wasn’t a complete break from the internet and blogging, as I still was involved in a few projects. But it was a nice experience that refueled my energy and motivation. As a result, since mid-2015 I have started to develop various internet related projects. Some of them completely failed while others have brought profit.

Still, none of them bring me greater satisfaction than the appreciation of my readers. In my humble opinion, there is no greater feeling than being complimented by a reader. “Wow, this is a really insightful article,” “You helped me a lot Last week I searched for this kind of information,” “The quality tips made me have to share the posts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn”; all of these bring me unmeasurable happiness. Am I weird? Most likely yes, but I consider it as a positive asset!

If you are interested in working with or simply getting in touch with me, please use the comment form. I try to reply as soon as possible. This means that in less than 48 hours, I will send you a reply! Of course, you can engage with me on social media as well. Follow me on Twitter  or send me a message on Facebook!

  • WordPress 85%
  • Web Design 80%
  • Content Marketing 75%
  • Photoshop Tutorials 75%

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