I haven’t written for Forbes or Mashable. I haven’t run campaigns that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, nor do I have a clear idea about how many sales my writing caused. However, I am sure that my content has educated people and helped them make the proper decisions. I have done my best to inform my readers concisely and correctly.

WordPress, web design, and online marketing are my favorite topics. I like doing complete research before starting to write. It takes much time, but I am delighted to know that my content is valuable, thorough, and digestible.

Here are a few details to consider if you are interested in my services:


Do you write about any topic?

Nope. WordPress, web design, and online marketing are the topics I like and that I have written about the most. I am not the right person to write about traveling, parenting, gambling, dating, or fashion. Consider working with me if you need a content creator to write complex reviews of tech services and products. I like to test them from top to bottom.

Do you have experience as a content creator?

Yes. I have written blog posts for many years; I have probably written more than 3,000 articles. I am not a professional WordPress coder, but I know how to tweak a theme. A few companies have hired me to write newsletters for them, and the clickthrough rates for those newsletters were above average. Other clients have informed me that my content generates above-average leads and customers.

How do you work?

I am flexible. Some of my clients prefer to provide close guidance for every piece of content, while others trust me completely and give me full control over publishing policies. It’s all about your preferences.

Why should I hire you?

The answer to this one is pretty clear: because you need content. You have to attract and interact with your clients. Content marketing is a cheap and effective method of nurturing your relationship with clients. I can meet your standards in this respect.

Why shouldn’t I hire you?

There are a couple of reasons to not hire me. I have missed deadlines a couple of times. However, respecting the deadline is the norm, while missing the deadline is a very rare happening.
I am not a native English speaker. I fully understand clients who ask for native English speakers, but I am not. You can’t choose your native language, but you can master a foreign language. In my defense, you should know that I have created content for clients based in the UK and the USA. I am always grateful to my exceptional proofreader; she does everything possible to make my writing as “English” as possible.

  • WordPress 95% 95%
  • Email Marketing 95% 95%
  • Productivity 90% 90%
  • Content Marketing 90% 90%

If you are interested in working with me or simply getting in touch, please use the comment form. I will reply as soon as possible, which is usually within 48 hours.

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