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If you need someone that is able to write about internet marketing, WordPress, social media, blogging or freelancing, you are in the right place. I can’t objectively describe my services, so instead visit the Writing Services page to see some of my latest work. The blog is another place to see my thoughts, likes, and dislikes, or how I prefer to work.

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It is a pleasure to work with Daniel. Our READERS enjoy his articles because THEY are full of actionable AND INSIGHTFUL tips, WHICH help WITH learning how to get the most from WordPress.

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I worked with Daniel and I recommend his services. I appreciated that he was fair, flexible and struggled to offer the best services. His style is very engaging and he attracted lots of prospects.

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I am satisfied with the services offered by Daniel. His articles were highly appreciated by the public. He is a five stars WordPress blogger!

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Working with Daniel was a pleasure. Despite of the fact that we are based on different time zones, our partnership was 100% efficient. Keep up the good work!

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